Campaign to improve Diabetes Education

(November 13, 2015)

Mark is backing a new campaign by ‘Diabetes UK’ calling for for action to ensure that people with diabetes have better access to diabetes education to help manage their condition.


diabetes uk

The charity is launching a new campaign called ‘Taking Control’ which calls for education for all people with diabetes to be commissioned everywhere.  This will be alongside a proper system that explains to people with diabetes the benefit of attending an education course.

Currently, less than 1 per cent of people with Type 1 and just 3.8 per cent with Type 2 Diabetes, who are newly diagnosed, are receiving an education course.

People with diabetes manage their own condition on a daily basis and may only see their healthcare professionals a few times a year.  Access to high-quality diabetes education is essential for the effective monument of the condition.

The charity has warned that the poor diabetes education is causing devastating health complications for people with the condition, as well as increased costs to the NHS. Failure to manage diabetes effectively can lead to life-threatening complications such as blindness, stroke and amputations. The NHS spends nearly £10 billion annually on diabetes, 80 per cent of which is spent on treating potentially avoidable complications.

This is why Mark Hendrick MP has added his voice to Diabetes UK’s campaign, which is calling for local health leaders to invest in and promote diabetes education and increase the numbers of people receiving the education that they need.

Mark Hendrick MP said: “Diabetes is a very serious condition that can lead to devastating complications. This is why it is crucial that every individual with diabetes has access to the support and education they need to help them manage their condition well. This would significantly reduce their risk of developing complications, and also result in a reduction in costs to the NHS, both here in Preston and across the country.

Robin Hewings, Diabetes UK Head of Policy, said: "We are pleased to have Mark Hendrick’s support for our campaign that aims to help people with diabetes get the education they need to ‘take control’ of their condition. The poor provision of diabetes education is fuelling a health crisis that is leading to soaring rates of debilitating complications, premature death and huge costs to the NHS. Giving people with diabetes the support and information they need to stay healthy will save lives and money.”

The ‘Taking Control’ campaign is launching on Wednesday 11 November, ahead of World Diabetes Day on Saturday 14 November. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #TakingControl.

To find out more about going on an education course, speak to your GP or healthcare professional. To find out more about the Taking Control campaign and how you can take action, visit

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