Mark in Fire Talks

(June 26, 2015)

Mark met with Chief Fire Officer Chris Kenny of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service on Friday 26th June 2015 at their headquarters in Fulwood.

The pair discussed reductions in funding, the national dispute on pensions and improving engagement with the Fire Service. 

The Chief Fire Officer’s role is to lead and improve the service and to advise the Combined Fire Authority on providing effective operational response, resilience and value for money whilst maintain its statutory obligations.  He has led on a number of projects for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service including securing approval for the Private Finance Initiative project.  The project will deliver sixteen new inter-service Fire Stations across Lancashire, together with Merseyside and Cumbria.  Four new stations will be built in Lancashire which will replace existing buildings that don’t adequately meet the needs of the area they cover.

Other successful projects include collaborating with neighbouring Fire and Rescue Services to deliver the North West Fire Control Project which utilises residual funding and facilities of the National Fire Control project to achieve best value for money.  The service also delivers the Prince’s Trust Team youth programme for 16-25 year olds looking to gain practical skills, a nationally recognised qualification and help with their CV. 

Chris Kenny, Chief Fire Officer said: ‘I am keen offer an opportunity to MP’s to develop an understanding of our wider role and the service we provide to our community and I am glad that Mr Hendrick has taken the time to discuss where we are at with the service.  We continue to build on our successes despite the squeeze across public sector spending and the protracted pension dispute.’

Mark said: ‘I know that the service has already delivered £14m savings since 2011 from a budget of £62m, however further budget cuts in Osborne’s Autumn Spending Review could threaten frontline services.  The issue of pensions came up when I visited the Fire Station last year when I had a chance to speak directly to crew members.  I will continue to support the fire and rescue service and acknowledge the hard work that these men and women do to save lives under pressure and with increasing budget constraints.’

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