Mark unveils new plaque of Richard Arkwright Stamp on Church Street postbox

(June 08, 2015)

Mark today unveiled the plaque of inventor Richard Arkwright on a postbox in Church Street, Preston to mark the 50th anniversary of Royal Mail’s much-loved modern Special Stamps programme.

Royal Mail Plaque

50 special stamp plaques are being installed on postboxes across the UK. Each plaque features one of the most popular stamps that has a special connection with the UK city, town or village, in which it is located.  

Richard Arkwright, born in Preston in 1732, was an inventor and leading entrepreneur during the industrial revolution. He was commemorated on a Special Stamp in 2009 as part of the Pioneers of Industrial Revolution issue.

Mark said: “I am delighted that Royal Mail has chosen this unique way to celebrate a special local personality through a stamp on a local postbox, giving the community an opportunity to share in the tribute.”

Royal Mail Delivery Director Adrian Fieldingadded: ”The UK’s towns and cities have influenced stamp designs over the past 50 years. We are proud that one of our postboxes in Preston features the stamp of Richard Arkwright. We hope that all our customers and visitors to Preston enjoy this special stamp plaque and might even take their own photograph as a memento.”

The Royal Mail modern stamp programme featured a total of 2,663 Special Stamps since July 1965 and every new stamp design is approved by Her Majesty The Queen before it is issued. The special stamp programme has mirrored the changes in society and culture at large.

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