Mark visits Deepdale Fire Station

(June 23, 2014)

Mark paid a visit to the Preston Fire Station in Deepdale on Friday 20th June along with Chair of the Combined Fire Authority, County Councillor Frank De Molfetta.

Deepdale Fire Station

Mark was given a tour of the facilities as well as speaking to crew members during a question and answer session.  He was shown some of the specialised equipment on site including the emergency vehicles, lifeboat, the specailsed Polaris vehicle and major Rescue Unit.  The Unit, which is the only one in Lancashire, consists of heavy lifting equipment and a specialised road utility vehicle called Polaris.  Its primary role is to assist with logistical support, for attending moorland fires and carrying out joint patrols with the Police. 

The Deepdale Station comprises of four ‘watches’, made up of around 12 crew members in each that work around the clock to serve the Preston area. Mark met with members of the 'White' crew and discussed a variety of issues including, fire risks, lives, shift patterns, jobs and pensions.

Deepdale Fire Station 2

Neil Taylor, Service Delivery Manager of Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service said: “We were experiencing high volumes of anti-social behaviour in certain parts of Preston and at its worst in April last year, we were attending around 80 deliberate fire incidents.  Since we have been working in partnership with Lancashire Constabulary in carrying out these joint patrols, we have seen a considerable reduction of these types of fires.  This type of anti-social behaviour can seriously impact upon response times to critical incidents.  We were pleased to welcome Mr Hendrick to the station to demonstrate some of the initiatives that we are currently working on to reduce risks.”

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Team typically undertake over 50,000 home visits in Lancashire every year.  These fire safety checks educate residents about escape planning, safe cooking and the fire risks in relation to smoking in the home.

Currently there is a ‘World Cup Campaign’ which is being jointly organised with the North West Ambulance Service and Lancashire Constabulary to tackle specific issues in the Preston area.  The campaign is focussed on four different themes during the World Cup season; Road Safety, Domestic Abuse, Alcohol Fuelled Violence and Fire Safety.  As part of this scheme, the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Team will be out and about at various events over the Summer to raise awareness about road and fire safety through hard-hitting campaigns.

Mark said: “It had been over ten years since I last visited the Deepdale Station and I am pleased to see the excellent service that these men and women are doing to serve the people of Preston, particularly at a time when public services are being heavily cut.  I am proud that we have the finest dedicated individuals who continue to safegaurd our City and provide a top class service with diminishing levels of resources.”

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