Mark oversees mini-election at English Martyrs Primary School

(March 25, 2013)

Mark paid a visit to English Martyrs Primary School on Friday 25th March to oversee their own mini-election.  He also participated in a question and answer session with the Year 6 pupils.

Mark was invited to view the debate entitled ‘Should mobile phones be banned in schools?’  The class was divided into two groups each arguing their case for or against the use of phones in schools with one pupil acting as the speaker.  The debate was followed by a vote during which the class overwhelmingly opposed the banning of mobile phones at school.

Mark with Yr 6

After the mock election Mark took to the floor to answer questions from the children.  Questions ranged from whether Mark was successful at school, who inspired him to become an MP and what jobs he had prior to becoming a Member of Parliament.

Class Teacher Paul Hogan said:  ‘All the children worked hard to prepare for both the debate and the election.  We would like to thank Mr Hendrick for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in our election today.”

Mark said: ‘The pupils have gained a better understanding of the British Parliamentary system by holding their own mini-election, debating and voting on a motion.  There was quite a lot of interesting discussion and the arguments put forward were persuasive from both sides of the classroom”.

Group photo

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