Mark gives speech to International Soroptomist Study Day

(March 21, 2012)

Mark recently gave a speech at the Salvation Army in Preston for an International Soroptomist Study Day.

Mark was one of a number of speakers at the event, which aimed to raise the awareness of the problem of Human Trafficking. The seminar covered all aspects of human trafficking ranging from imported labour and sex workers to localised issues attached to teenage girls exploited for the sex trade.

MH @ sorop

Mark spoke specifically on Government policy under the last Labour Government and under the current Coalition Government.

Below is an extract from Mark's speech

"Events such as this are crucial in raising the profile of such an important issue which plagues communities throughout Britain and forces individuals, many of those children, into positions of great suffering.

We live in the 21st century where individual freedom and liberty should not have to be legislated but be a basic and respected human right. Unfortunately this is not the case and I will discuss what has been done to tackle and eradicate human trafficking.

Human trafficking is simply modern day slavery. The definition of slavery is ‘violent control and economic exploitation’.

The injustices inflicted on slave’s centuries ago bear no difference to the victims of human trafficking today."

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