Remploy closure a tragedy

(March 08, 2012)

Mark has hit out at the Government after its decision to close the Remploy factory in Preston.

Mark said "Remploy provide employment for disabled people and have done in Britain for the last 60 years. Many of them work on important contracts in Preston recycling computer equipment. It is a tragedy for the people who work at the factory."

Below is a copy of Mark's letter to Maria Miller

Maria Miller letter

Below is the full text of the letter

Dear Maria

I am shocked and saddened at your announcement to close the Remploy factory in my constituency. Remploy provides a way of life and income for hard working people who would rather work than claim benefits.

Your decision to close the factory is shameful and has condemned a loyal and productive work force to the scrapheap. This Government has consistently stated “we are all in this together”, yet your systematic attacks on disabled people in this country - whether that be through the removal of benefits or the closure of the Remploy factory - shows this Government has no shame in victimising the most vulnerable in our society.

In one fell swoop you have snatched opportunity and hope from a group of hard working people. I urge you to reconsider your decision and listen to the workers of Remploy and hear their story of how beneficial this work has been to them.

Yours sincerely

Mark Hendrick Member of Parliament for Preston

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