Mark visits Gateway

(March 06, 2012)

Mark recently visited Community Gateway Housing Association, where he learnt about the various projects they have in Preston.

At the Adelphi House development Mark spoke with builders and Gateway staff and toured Alexandra House, meeting residents and viewing the refurbished accommodation.

Finally Mark handed over the keys to the first occupant of the Patterdale Close development, Mrs Paula Dimmock.

MH Gateway

Mark said: "These houses are the shape of things to come. Even in these difficult economic times its great that there are developments like this going on".

"People are being housed and I think, in the future, many more buildings will be designed like this".

“It’s the way people want to live in the 21st century. I think there’s definitely a case for upgrading a great deal of the public housing stock in Preston and this is a very good example of what we would want to see in the future."

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