Mark keeps up pressure on Home Secretary

(February 14, 2012)

Mark is continuing to push for answers from the Home Secretary Theresa May and the Police Minister Nick Herbert after they were unable to confirm the cost of Police Commissioner Elections in Lancashire and the cost of sending Lancashire police officers to aid the Metropolitan police in the London riots.

The Government so far hasn't estimated the cost of Police Commissioner Elections for specific areas but will publish the information in the summer of 2012 after the local elections.

Mark said "The people of Preston have made it clear, that instead of money being wasted on Police Commissioner Elections they want the money to go where it counts, to front line policing. Lancashire will lose 550 frontline police officers by 2015; the Home Secretary should stop these elections and reinvest this money into frontline policing at a time when crime is rising.

The Home Secretary needs to urgently rethink the scale of police cuts and set out a proper plan to cut crime instead."

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