Mark calls Public Meeting to Keep Fishwick in Preston

(October 17, 2011)

Mark has today called a public meeting to discuss the Boundary Commission’s recent proposal to move the Fishwick ward out of the Preston constituency into the neighbouring Ribble Valley Constituency.

Initial Proposals put forward by the Boundary Commission redraw the constituency boundary to include the wards of Cadley, College, Garrison, Greyfriars and Sharoe Green ward in the north of Preston to balance out the size of all constituencies so that they are roughly the same size.  But surprisingly, the Fishward ward in the city centre is earmarked for removal from the Preston constituency into the Ribble Valley.

Mark has organised a public meeting to take place on Thursday 20th October 2011 at 7pm at the Fishwick Ramblers Working Mens Club on Mornington Road in Fishwick, Preston.  All Fishwick residents are invited to attend.  Preston City Councillors for Fishwick, Cllr Tom Burns and Cllr Martyn Rawlinson who represent the Fishwick ward will be also be at the meeting.

Mark said: I want to make the residents of Fishwick aware of what this will mean for them if this proposal is adopted.  It makes no sense to me to remove this part of Preston, which has historically always been within the constituency boundary, and to tag it onto a neighbouring constituency which it has nothing in common with.  Fishwick has no links to the Ribble Valley either through transport links or council services, nor does it share the profile of an inner city ward with its key challenges of higher than average unemployment levels, social housing needs, educational attainment levels compared to relatively more affluent Ribble Valley constituency.”

Mark went on to say: “I have already made a submission to the Boundary Commission as part of the formal consultation process; I have made a strong case for Preston to retain the Fishwick ward as it is an inner-city ward adjacent to the Town Centre ward and it has historically nothing to do with the Ribble Valley constituency or the Ribble Valley local authority.  I would like to invite members of the public to air their own concerns about this proposal and encourage them to make their own submission to the Boundary Commission.”

Cllr Tom Burns said: “Fishwick by location and heritage has always been a part of Preston and that’s why myself and Cllr Rawlinson support the inclusion of Fishwick in the Preston constituency”.

Views are being sought as part of the Boundary Commission’s consultation process which ends on 5th December 2011.  Further information about the Initial Proposals for Preston and the North West and online submission can be made here.

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