Mark calls for more IVF treatment for infertile couples in Preston

(July 25, 2011)

Mark has called on the local Primary Care Trust (PCT) to provide sufficient IVF treatment for infertile couples in Preston. 

Following the publication of a report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on fertility entitled ‘Holding back the British IVF Revolution?’ it revealed that Central Lancashire PCT offer just two cycles of IVF provision in Preston.

 One in seven couples in the UK suffer from infertility problems, leading them to seek assisted reproduction with IVF treatment being the most common technique used.  The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) current guidelines recommends that three cycles of IVF should be offered to eligible couples where a woman is aged between 23 and 39. 

27% of PCTs also offer just two cycles and make up some of the 73% of PCTs that are not fully adhering to the NICE guidelines.  The report also showed that wide ranging conditions can be placed on infertile couples before treatment is given.

Gareth Johnson MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group, who produced the UK wide-report said: “IVF is a British invention and I am keen to celebrate it as well as express concern for its provision across the country today.” 

Mark Hendrick MP said: “Infertility can lead to family break-up and depression and should be recognised as a clinical need.  I want to see all couples in Preston receive IVF treatment in accordance with the guidelines.  I very much hope that North Lancashire PCT will be able to work towards this goal.”

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