Hendrick backs Fair Fuel UK

(February 17, 2011)

Mark is backing Fair Fuel UK – the national campaign for fair fuel prices in the UK led by Quentin Willson.

Rocketing fuel prices have seriously affected both motorists and businesses alike and the planned fuel duty rise on 1st April could add as much as 23 pence per gallon to already inflated prices. Mark is lending his support to this campaign which calls on the Government to scrap the planned fuel duty rise and to introduce a fuel price stabiliser to keep fuel prices down.

Mr Hendrick is calling on the people of Preston who are affected by this issue to add their name to the large number of people who have already signed up at

Mark said: “Many of my constituents are directly affected by this and coupled with the high level of cuts that are currently being imposed, once again the most vulnerable people in our society are suffering. Every signature adds weight to this important campaign and increases the chances of its success. It’s important that you add your voice to the growing discontentment over unreasonable and inflated petrol prices”.

Fair Fuel UK has been backed by the Road Haulers Association, the Freight Transport Association, the RAC and thousands of people and businesses across the UK.

The fuel duty paid by UK residents and businesses is nearly double the amount paid by our European competitors. Fair Fuel UK believe that scrapping the fuel duty rise and introducing a stabilising measure will level the playing field and give the UK economy a boost.

Go to to add your name to the petition or to share your experiences about fuel duty rises.

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