Mark demands answers from Ministers ahead of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

(February 15, 2019)

Mark has questioned Ministers in various government departments about the severe impact of fuel poverty on peoples lives, ahead of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on 15th February 2019.

He has asked the Home Secretary about the high levels of Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) as a result of fuel poverty; the extent to which it affects children and older people; and the National Energy Action (NEA) report which highlights the high costs to health services as a result of treating patients living in cold and damp housing conditions.

The Fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action has released worrying new figures showing 6,800 excess winter deaths in the North West last winter, with 2,040 vulnerable people dying as a direct result of not being able to heat their homes adequately.  With fuel bills set to rise again, the charity is calling on the UK Government to provide central investment to dramatically improve energy efficiency in the least efficient homes and local councils to do all they can to enforce housing standards.


Fuel Poverty Awareness Day Infographic

NEA has released the call to action on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, taking place on Friday 15 February. The day aims to raise awareness of the plight of fuel poverty, facing millions of households across the UK.

Mark said: "People shouldn't be having to choose whether they heat or eat and particularly when we have really severe waether, wandering whether their elderly loved ones will survive the winter.  As well as needless deaths and misery, the effects of cold, damp housing is having a massive strain on an already stretched health service.
It's shocking to think that there are more deaths ocurring in this country as a result of fuel poverty than road traffic accidents and substance abuse combined. "
The charity warns that there has been a dramatic drop off in the delivery of home energy efficiency improvements nationally and deep cuts to council funding since 2010 has made it more challenging than ever. 

Adam Scorer, Chief Executive at NEA says: “362,486 households are currently in fuel poverty in the North West, so we are urging friends, families and neighbours to keep a lookout for any dangerous coping strategies. If they know someone who maybe struggling over the winter, information on what support is available can be found on NEA’s website.”




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