Mark calls on immediate halt of charter flight removals to Jamaica

(February 06, 2019)

Sir Mark Hendrick MP has co-signed a letter to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid MP demanding an immediate halt to charter flight removals to Jamaica.

It is believed that up to fifty British residents have been detained and will be deported on a chartered flight anytime between 5th and 15th February 2019.

One of the organisations representing some of the detainees, 'Movement for Justice' have highlighted that many of these people came to the UK as children, went though the education system, are themselves ex-British Army Servicemen or have grandparents that served in the British Army.  Eighteen people have so far been identified as having connections to the Windrush Generation through relatives.

Many of these people will be at significant risk of being returned to a country that they do not know.

The letter which has been signed by a number of MPs states: 'We have little faith in the Home Office that has made devastating decisions on the lives of the Windrush Gnereration and that has not fairly considered the cases of those on the flight.  Additionally, it is outrageous  that this is happening while the Windrush Generation are awaiting decisions on their residents/citizen status and who are living in debt and just about surviving while not seen a penny of compensation or hardship money.'

Update 25th February 2019:

Full response received from Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP, Minister of State for Immigration.

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