Say 'No to Modern Slavery'

(October 15, 2018)

Councils collectively spend £40bn each year in procuring goods and services and the Co-operative Party are campaigning to ensure that none of it is funding exploitation.

Say No to Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is not limited to foreign nationals and can affect both adults and children.  Exploitation could be of a sexual nature, domestic servitude, forced labour or criminal exploitation and could include forced benefit fraud, forced marriage, forced begging and illegal adoption. Modern Slavery in the UK typically takes place in nail bars, car washes, farms, factories and restaurants.  It is estimated that there could be thousands of victims in the UK.

Mark has written to Preston City Council asking them to sign up to the new Co-Operative Party's Charter Against Modern Slavery to ensure that modern slavery has no place in it's supply chain.

Call the Modern Slavery Hotline on 08000 121 700, if you suspect anyone is a victim of modern slavery.

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