Learn First Aid with the British Red Cross

(June 17, 2018)

In celebration for Father's Day on 17th June, the British Red Cross called upon fathers to learn life-saving first aid skills.  Their monthly updates include one skill that is both simple to learn and easy to remember. This month’s edition is: First aid for someone who is choking. You can hear about Ian’s story and how knowing first aid helped him to save his daughter from choking here. The advice below is for helping an adult or child over the age of 1.

  • 1. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades. This will help to dislodge the blockage.
  • 2. Call 999 if the blockage does not dislodge.

You can watch a short video about how to help someone who is choking here. The British Red Cross website is also a fantastic resource on vital first aid skills and is designed to be accessible to all. We would encourage you to help highlight the case for learning first aid skills by sharing our First Aid updates with your constituents, friends and colleagues.
You can also download their extremely popular and free first aid app or volunteer with the British Red Cross to give first aid at events.

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