Commemorating the Centenary of Walter Tull

(July 02, 2018)

Walter Tull was the first infantry officer of black heritage in the British Army and a notable footballer, playing for Spurs.  This year marks the centenary of his death on the Western Front.

Walter Tull Poster

Born in Folkestone in 1888 to a local woman and Barbadian carpenter, Tull was orphaned at the age of nine and went on to thrive, playing football for Clapton FC, Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham before war broke out.  After enlisting in the Football Battalion, he made history by becoming the first person of black heritage to become an officer of the regular British Army.  This was in contravention of the Manual of Military Lwa which required officers to be of pure European descent. On 25th March 1918, Tull was killed in action and his body was not recovered from the battlefield.

TULL100 and the No Barriers Medal Challenge tells Tull's story.  It is helping to mainstream heritage that has been marginalised, counter discrimination and promote equality and inclusion.  The Tull100 project will award medals to people who make their communities more inclusive.  There are a number of projects open to all and people are encourage to take part and apply for the No Barriers medal.

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