Statement for the Anti-Trump Rally in Preston

(January 31, 2017)

The people of Preston made their feelings known very strongly in the City Centre during a demonstration in front of the Harris Museum last night. President Trump's ban on Muslims from certain countries entering the US has angered a lot of people here in Preston and thorough the UK.  I was invited to attend the emergency protest by organisor Ruth Wescott, however, as it was a sitting day, I was unable to attend due to Parliamentary Business.

I issued the following statement to be read out in my absence:

'The travel ban currently under implementation from the US Administration is an affront to humanity because it prohibits citizens from seven, predominantly Muslim countries, from travelling to the United States.  Discriminatory action of this type is a first and cannot be allowed to continue. 

I am confident that the International Community is outraged by this event and that even our Conservative Government, which is working hard to build a relationship with President Trump, will eventually see sense and realise that this cannot be allowed to continue.  In the meantime, I call upon the UK Government to withdraw the offer of a State visit from President Trump until such time that this ban is lifted.  However, President Trump should be allowed to visit the UK as any other Head of State would be allowed to.'

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